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Why Building An Email List Is So Crucial

Email lists are more important to your sales growth than social media.

That’s kind of a bold statement to make in this day & age of social media, but it’s true.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m totally an advocate for social media – being that I’m on just about every popular platform – but nothing beats a personalized email message when it comes to online marketing.

Think about it.

When that email alert goes off on your phone, you run to see who it’s from. It could be from a co-worker, a friend, or a quick little message from a company newsletter you recently signed up for.

The point is… you check it right away, don’t you?

Even when you wake up in the morning, I’m sure one of the first things you do is grab you phone and check your missed calls, texts, and emails before anything.

Like I said before, I love social media… but social media might not always be enough to depend on when you’re selling stuff online. You can upload your content on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, but it can still be missed or overlooked due to these crazy algorithms.

However, if you have your customers’ direct email address, your marketing message will hit their phone directly, thus giving you a better shot at getting that conversion.

So that means it’s your job as an online entrepreneur to make sure your email signups are ever-increasing… and the content you dish out keeps your audience interested.

If someone gives up their personal email address, that means they must like you enough to desire more content from you. And that’s who you want to open up to and build trust with.

The more trust you have, the better chances you’ll have at selling your products or services.

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