How To Understand The Psychology Of Your Customer

Before you can really get in the groove of marketing your content, you have to know the ins & outs of whom you’re marketing to.

You can come up with some good ideas for your website, like an amazing design concept or a list of products that will make you a ton of money, but if your targeting isn’t on point, those good ideas may be going to waste.

I’ll show you how to not let that happen.

The key to marketing your brand the right way is to know the innermost parts of your targeted customers (i.e. their psychology / subconscious).

You have to know what they’re ultimately seeking and yearning for deep down in the shadows of their minds.

What are their desires? What are they daydreaming about and hoping for? What’s bothering them? What’s giving them an itch to buy something? And what can your brand provide that will transform their lives and leave them fulfilled?

These are the types of questions you should be able to answer confidently about your ideal customers.

Whether you’re selling a product like women’s apparel, a service like life insurance, or anything in between, your job as a brand owner is to know the thought process behind your target market through & through.

Here’s a freebie that I want you to download:

It’s a buyer persona that you can print out & write on. You’ll need to have this in order to build a good profile on your customer before getting in the trenches with your marketing strategy.

Marketing is about going after the right person, and attracting him or her to your business by catering to their specific desire.

The more you know, understand, and empathize with your audience, the better you can get your point across. Your words will resonate more inside of them — which is how you’ll get them hooked.

You have to know random things about your customer, such as what they’re doing throughout the day, what challenges they face, and what conversations they’re having with others.

Once you have your buyer persona fleshed out, you can expand it even more by including a list of places online where your customers are likely to be sharing their experiences. You can try looking in:

✨ Twitter threads
✨ Instagram & YouTube comments
✨ private Facebook groups
✨ message boards
✨ Q&A websites

Scour through and make note of what they’re asking about the most, then frame your content around responding to those conversations.

For example, let’s say you’re starting a new blog that caters to work-from-home moms. We’ll also use this screenshot from my FB timeline of a post in a group I’m in called Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs.

Lauren’s asking the question, “Any advice on how to start earning an income from home ladies?” If you were a new blogger in that niche seeing this question, that’s your prime opportunity to slide in & get a conversation started with her.

And it’s actually a triple win because not only are you (1) collecting more intel on your customer, you’re also (2) taking the initiative to build a genuine connection with her, and (3) introducing your business to hundreds, if not thousands, of other people viewing the discussion.

See how it’s all connected?

You can also flip it around and ask feedback questions to your audience, like Lauren did. Wait for the comments to roll in and simply add any noteworthy info to your buyer persona.

It’s kind of like putting out a survey on your customers — only you’re restricting yourself to just one key question. But posing your question works wonders because that’s how you get specific with understanding your target’s mentality.

This also gives you the opportunity to mirror their mindset.

What is their style of language? What slang, sayings, and other terms are they throwing out? What emotions can you feel coming from their end?

Take these answers & feed that energy back to them in a way that makes them connect to you.

Understanding every nuance about your customers puts you more in sync with them. Get them to feel like they instantly vibe with you, like you would be friends in real life.

That’s how you truly captivate someone’s mind with your words.

Posted by Lauren Francis

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