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How Colors Affect Your Writing Productivity

One of the best ways to increase your productivity as a writer is to discover the power of color in your workspace. Seriously, there’s actually a science behind this. It’s called color psychology, which ties each hue in the spectrum to specific thoughts, moods, and physical reactions.

This concept is nothing new. Otherwise known as chromotherapy, it dates all the way back to ancient times when the Egyptians used energy from the Sun for homeopathic healing. They believed that red, for example, releases adrenaline and gets your blood circulating, while a color like blue would tap into your emotions and subconscious mind.

These exact principles have definitely carried over into today’s business world. In order to influence the psyche of their consumers, everyday brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Facebook incorporate certain colors into their logos and marketing collateral.

Colors act as wavelengths that travel through the lens of the eye and into the brain, and these wavelengths consequently affect perceptions and behaviors in different ways. In terms of business, red represents excitement and aggression. Orange represents warmth and friendliness. Yellow represents confidence and vivacity. Blue corresponds with dreams, intuition, and tranquility. Green represents nature and stability, and finally, purple connects you with your highest inner powers.

So how does all of this tie into YOU as a writer or content creator?

Think of these six colors as mind triggers. Use them to meditate on before starting your writing project and to decorate your workspace with. Here are some office decor collages that’ll give you some visual ideas on revamping your creative surroundings…

If you feel like you need to re-ignite your passion and creativity, focus on different shades of red. It’s a strong color that’ll propel you into being fierce and taking action. Think Mars and Saturn energy.

Orange will draw more enthusiasm out of you as a writer. You’ll feel more cheerful and encouraged towards success and achievement.

Yellow is excellent for invoking better communication skills. It’ll give you mental clarity, knowledge, and efficiency while you write.

Blue eases stress, calms your nerves, and helps you get into a dreamy, meditative state. Sounds perfect for those days when you’re frustrated from writer’s block and just need to relax.

Green grounds you to nature and draws in abundance. It’s the primary color for prosperity, jobs, business negotiations, and professional relationships. Brown is also a good color for Earth energy.

Purple connects you with your ultimate spiritual power as a writer; giving you fresh insight, new perspectives, and the drive to ascend higher in your career.

Cool, huh?

It almost seems unreal that something as simple as the color spectrum could impact our subconscious minds in this fashion. Nevertheless, it should be taken advantage of. Pick up a few home or office accessories (I found the above items on and transform your workspace into your writing haven. A little bit will definitely go a long way.

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