Marketing Social Media

Tracking Your Marketing Efforts

Believe it or not, business is not all about concentrating on making sales. Yeah, that’s the end goal, but along the way, one of your most important tasks as a business owner is to track the results of your marketing. Keeping track of your marketing efforts is a surefire way to knowing what will work …

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Branding Marketing

The Daily Grind Of Marketing

Alright, so if you have a brand spanking new online brand, you might be asking yourself… “How exactly am I going to get this poppin’ off? What do I need to do on an everyday basis to make it successful?” The answer lies in your digital marketing… and I’ll give you a laundry list of …

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Email Marketing

Why Building An Email List Is So Crucial

Email lists are more important to your sales growth than social media. That’s kind of a bold statement to make in this day & age of social media, but it’s true. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m totally an advocate for social media – being that I’m on just about every popular platform – but …

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