Hey, I’m Lauren. Thanks for taking out the time to visit my website.

I’ve been an online copywriter since 2012, and I’ve worked with clients in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and music. I reside in Los Angeles, California.

I write and design digital content such as:

• websites and ecommerce stores
• newsletters and email sequences
• sales letters and landing pages
• product pages and descriptions
• ebooks
• customer success stories
• blog posts
• social media posts
• online ads

As you can see, I offer a range of copywriting services, particularly for the emerging entrepreneur.

I love working with people who are either starting an online brand from scratch with just a big idea -or- starting over with their marketing strategy after realizing that it takes a helping hand to produce consistent, eye-catching content.

If you fall into either one of these categories, I can assist you with taking your business to a new level.

* Click here to contact me so we can get started today on your personalized marketing strategy.

You can also find me online:

✔️ Twitter
✔️ Instagram
✔️ Pinterest
✔️ LinkedIn

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