The thing about social media is that at this point, it’s never going to go away.

Even as the landscape of digital marketing continues to change over the years, the innate need within humans to connect with each other, meet new people, share stories, and simply have a strong sense of community will remain.

The key to understanding social media is to look it as an opportunity to join in on the conversations that your potential customers are having.

If you’re just getting into digital marketing, it can be a little overwhelming. You see all of these popular brands with tens of thousands, or even millions, of followers and think…

“Man, how am I gonna get my business to that level??”

Here are some words of advice…

1. Know who you are as your own brand identity.

Yes, it’s a lot of competition out there, but you can’t let that intimidate you.

Know what it is that you and only you bring to the table. Be aware of what your true value is.

There’s a quote that I love. It goes, “Know your worth, and add sales tax.”

You have to know how you will be useful to your market … how you’ll come in with a bang and make an impact … and what sets you apart from others.

Know what your uniqueness is, so that at the core of your brand identity, it shines bright like a healthy solar plexus.

Make a list of your qualities that would be considered attractive to your audience. You want them to believe that when they found you, they came across gold.

So how do you stand out?

Are you a leader or trendsetter in your industry?

How many years of experience do you have under your belt?

Do you have some kind of inside scoop or special connections?

Are you offering resources and products that will instantly captivate your audience and leave them yearning for more?

Whatever it is that makes you special, highlight that throughout your social media copy — including posts, headlines, links, calls to action, and advertisements.

2. Not only do you need to know the value of your own brand, you will need to thoroughly know your customer.

When using social media, you need to have a clear vision in your head of whom you’re talking to.

Have a profile of your ideal target.

How old is she?

Is she in college or a working adult?

Is she a fellow entrepreneur?

Is she local or from another part of the country?

Maybe from another country?

What’s her income?

What does she like?

Where does she shop?

What does she usually consume?

Knowing all of these little particulars will help you formulate a buyer persona that will keep your social media campaign focused on a target.

What you don’t want to do is present your social media as being all over the place — as if you don’t know who it is you’re marketing to.

For example, you might have a new jewelry business and you want to market it to women. You need to narrow that down, and know exactly what type of woman would most likely become a fan of your brand and buy from you.

Is she 18-25? Maybe in the 40+ crowd?

How much money would she spend on average?

What is her taste and aesthetic like?

You have to know these things and accommodate your social media marketing to what your ideal woman wants.

You can’t sell to everybody.

Hone in on who exactly your ideal buyer is and then deliver your marketing messages accordingly.

Which leads to my last tip…

3. When it comes to growing your audience, don’t be afraid to start small.

We all start at zero followers, then little by little we gain more as new content is added.

It’s a good idea to also have well-defined goals for your social media profiles. Ask yourself how many followers you really need for success.

Do you really want a following of 50K, or would you be happy with just 5k?

What matters most when it comes to your followers is not really quantity, but the level of engagement they have with your brand.

You might even have a close-knit community of only 500 people on your social media, but whenever you make a post, you get a couple hundred of those people consistently liking your photos and videos, commenting, sharing, clicking your links, and most importantly buying products.

I would call that a success even with a relatively low number of followers.

As long as your sales goals are being achieved, your actual follower count takes the back burner.

Let’s use another example…

Maybe you just started a brand new food blog, and so far you only have 5 people following you. I’m positive you would be trying to figure out how to get more readers in a hurry.

Here’s what you do: make it your business to convince these 5 people to promote your blog content for you.

Create an amazing free download with an opt-in form, and make it so good that they’ve GOT TO share it with their friends on social media.

Those 5 followers can connect you with 50 others … who can connect you with 250 others … who can connect you with 1000 others.

That’s how you get your followers to rapidly grow — plus with the opt-in form, you’ll have their email addresses, which is considered gold in the world of digital marketing.

With captivating, valuable content, the followers will most definitely come after that.

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