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3 Parts To A Landing Page

Got a digital product like an e-book, course, or webinar that you’re ready to sell?

In that case, you’re going to need to add a unique landing page on your website.

Here’s an example from one of my favorite bloggers, Gala Darling, who is selling an online self-help class….

A landing page is basically all the information that potential customers read through before deciding whether or not to break out their credit cards and buy from you.

Your web sales will heavily rely on this, so here are 3 tips on what to include to make it prosperous.

1. Strike curiosity in the headline and subheaders.

As the common saying goes in marketing, “80% will read the headline, and 20% will read the rest of the copy.”

So really, you only get one shot to make a great impression or else a huge chunk of your readers will quickly lose interest and click the x button in a matter of seconds. A strong headline details exactly what the product is going to do, such as….

– Raise confidence
– Lose pounds
– Build muscle
– Conquer debt
– Repair hair
– Look younger

Whatever it is that your product does, highlight it in bold headlines and subheaders because that’s what the eyes of your audience will gravitate towards first.

2. Emphasize the benefits of the product.

Your readers care about only one thing: finding the solution to their problem.

So when writing the body of your copy on the landing page, keep this in mind. If you’re selling a self-help course, go into detail about how the buyer’s real life will do a 180. If you’re selling custom-made clothing, harp on what makes your your styles unique from anything you can find in a department store. If you’re selling an organic skin care product, describe the ingredients you used that will make your buyer feel like a brand new woman.

Ask yourself this…

Does your copy answer all of their questions?
Can they easily get in touch with you or customer service?
Are there any discounts?
Is there any guarantee to the product?

Be sure to thoroughly highlight all of these points in order to increase the likelihood of making a sale.

3. Use customer testimonials.

Happy customers that give you good feedback can provide a lot of content for you to use. Testimonials give potential buyers a sort of before-and-after proof of the product.

Let’s go back to Gala Darling’s landing page for her Radical Self-Love Bootcamp.

Some key phrases in these testimonials include…
– “I have come a long way since lesson number one.”
– “I feel much calmer than I used to.”
– “Best money spent.”
– “So much magic happened to everyone during the 4 weeks. It was insane.”

Believe it or not, testimonials remain to be the best way to provide solid proof in your copy. They provide an inside look into the buyer experience, and gives the potential one a stronger sense of trust before finally making the online purchase.

Add these components to your landing page, and watch your web traffic convert into well-earned dollars.

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